Moving To Spain Online – Course Content

The Moving to Spain Online course includes twelve actionable modules … Follow them all step by step or request instant access and dip into them in whatever order you prefer!

moving to spain online timing


A time to reflect. Timing is essential for a successful relocation. We look at the time of year, the time in your life and for parents, the time for your children.

moving to spain online language


We look at the impact learning Spanish makes on your day-to-day life in Spain. The importance of researching any local dialects, particularly if you have school-age children and there are lots of ideas and resources for your Spanish language journey.

moving to spain online location


It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and start turning this dream into a reality. We will clarify your priorities, differentiate your needs from your wants, with regard to where you want to live. For VIP members, this module includes a 1 to 1 consultation with Lisa

moving to spain online educaiton


This module is for families with children up to the age of sixteen.  You will gain a good understanding of the different education options in Spain. We will look at what is best for your child, request fees for private and international schools, and plan school visits.

moving to spain online property rental

Property Rental

Based on your answers to Module Three, this module will help you source your ideal rental property, use online portals and set up property alerts. You will learn about rental contracts and understand how to secure a safe and suitable rental property, avoiding any risk.

moving to spain online property purchase

Property Purchase

Eliminate risk when purchasing property in Spain. With my guidance, you will find your ideal property in a location that you love at a price that makes you smile. This module includes a 1-to-1 consultation.

moving to spain online business

Starting a Business

Learn what type of business is the most beneficial for you to set up in Spain. What paperwork do you need? What are the costs involved? Whether you are looking to start a new business or operate an existing business in Spain, all you need is covered here.

moving to spain online money matters

Money Matters

Time to budget for your move and get your finances in order. We look at opening and understanding your Spanish bank account, using currency transfer companies and how to get the best deals on insurance in Spain. Use my online calculators to start budgeting for your move.

moving to spain online driving


Is it worth taking your current car to Spain? What should you look out for when buying a vehicle in Spain? What documentation is required? In this module we show you how to find answers to these questions and more.

moving to spain online paperwork


Everything you need to know about NIE and Residency, NON-LUCRATIVE Visas, and Golden Visas. This will make everything about Spanish bureaucracy much easier to understand. This module alone will cover the price you have paid for the whole course!

moving to spain online healthcare


In this module, we will answer questions such as: Are you entitled to Spanish healthcare? Does Spain have an EHIC or equivalent? What health insurance is required for residency applications?

Summary & Checklist

You are ready to put your plan into action. This final checklist will ensure you have everything in place for a successful relocation to Spain.

For VIP members, this module includes a 1 to 1 consultation with Lisa

NOTE: Due to the ever-changing requirements in Spain, the Module Ten: Paperwork will be updated regularly.

Each of the modules comprises:

Reading and Research Material

You have information to read and then research and tasks to complete. I share my invaluable experience with you, ensuring that you make the decisions that are best for you.

Worksheets & Checklists

Easy to follow downloadable pdfs that you can print off and complete or store on your PC. Whatever is easiest for you.


Introductory videos and hands on explanatory videos showing you how to complete certain online tasks, complete paperwork and use certain tools.

One to One Consultations (VIP version only!)

At two different points in the course, you will benefit from a one to one consultation with Lisa. This will ensure you are on the right path and have everything in order once you are ready to start your relocation.

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